Detecting shipwrecks of the 1715 Spanish Galleon Fleet off of Florida's Treasure Coast!

Terry Shannon

I hope this book will help you in some small way in finding some of the treasures that the beaches may offer when the conditions are right.

The secret to success is a common-sense approach, proper equipment, the ability to read the beach, and of course that much-needed luck. You will find however the harder and smarter you work the luckier you’re going to get. Enjoy your time in the sun and on the beach, remind yourself that you are doing something that you not only enjoy, and is a really nice way to get some much-needed exercise, it just may give you a nice ring or that sought after Spanish coin at the end of the day. Never feel bad when you have had a slow day out there detecting, it’s a privilege denied to many whose health or financial situation doesn’t allow them to do the things we enjoy.

Terry Shannon

Metal Detecting

A beginner's guide

This book is a color version of my original book Detecting the Treasure Coast by Terry Shannon. The original book Detecting The Treasure Coast was well recieved and read by many. It's a book that gives many tips to help you as you detect Florida's Treasure Coast and the color edition ads so much. It will enable you to see the beach conditions and treasures found much more clearly.

Metal Detecting

A beginner's guide

This book, my fifth, gets you started on the treasure-hunting journey. It is aimed at the beginner but is deep enough that an experienced detectorist will pick up some tricks. We all can learn something new.
Equipment recommendations and places to hunt are based on my years of digging for treasure, always trying things, and looking for ways to improve.

Treasure Coast:

This book is about more of my adventures along the Treasure Coast and was written as a continuation of my first book Detecting the Treasure Coast. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Metal Detecting The Ottertail:

Plus Much More

This book covers many facets of metal detecting with the emphasis on the Ottertail River a tubing river. Over the years I have recovered many rings and much jewelry from its fast-flowing waters...

Turf to Surf

Metal Detecting Adventures

This is my fourth book as I continue to tell of my adventures detecting Florida's Treasure Coast. Over 300 years ago, in 1715 eleven Spanish Treasure ships were just off its shore when they were hit by a hurricane and all perished. 

Treasure Coast's Treasures

Treasure Coast's Treasures is a book of treasure found on Florida's Treasure Coast by the author Terry Shannon. Pictured are various Spanish coins and artifacts the Terry has found while detecting the Treasure Coast. Terry tells the story of how they were found and the history of the of the coin or artifact found. The book includes many tips on detecting the treasure coast and will be a valuable addition to your collection of metal detecting information.

Listen to this great short informational video on the Spanish Treasure Ship Atocha. These were put together by my good friend Dwayne Machnski a man with Talent.

Treasure Talk Interview

I was a guest speaker Monday night on a metal detecting program called Treasure

Talk sponsored by Myers Metal Detectors. Phil Myers and Jeff Mohnen were the hosts, a couple of great guys that I am lucky enough to call friends.

Check out the video on Youtube here, or head down to our video section below!

KellyCo Interview



We were interviewed by KellyCo on detecting after a storm.

“For those of us that detect, bad weather is our friend.” – Terry Shannon. In efforts to gather insight on metal detecting after a hurricane, we interviewed expert Terry Shannon for detailed advice and experience on the matter. Terry is a detecting expert of 15 years and book author of Detecting The Treasure Coast Terry Shannon. The following are answers from Terry to questions that Kellyco came up with in order to guide our customers during hurricane season:

1. How far off the coast do you think objects are traveling underwater before hitting the beach during a hurricane?
Before I begin, I want to tell you that the answers I give on metal detecting after a hurricane are my opinion based on 15 years of experience detecting the treasure coast and are my opinion only. The above question can be hard to answer and really if your goal is searching for Spanish Treasure most of these ships sank very close to shore with part of one actually coming to rest on the shore itself. It was used as a base for the Spanish salvage operation right after the hurricane in 1715. There is no question that during the storms there were items washed ashore, but high waves and surges will continue to bring more items ashore. I believe very strongly that items are washed south along the shoreline during the winter months and are washed north during weather events each summer. It is said that gold always remains where it was lost however I don’t agree, I believe that gold can travel great distances and I have experienced twice where I knew where a gold ring was lost and it was eventually found much further away. For those of us that detect, bad weather is our friend.

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